"Food is never just something to eat. We use eating as a medium for social relationships: satisfaction of the most individual of needs becomes a means of creating community." - Margaret Visser

OOM is a culinary space for creativity, collaboration and connection.

We're on a mission to create a space that contributes to the multifaceted legacy of Caribbean food and challenges assumptions about what it can be.

We believe food is art that brings people together and that great stories are shared around food. It's a gentle reminder that there is a commonality in difference and that we are all interconnected.

Everyone is included at the OOM table.

Health. Wealth. Nature. NURTURE.

Earth. Community. Interaction. Sacred Space. Taste. Touch. Learn. Travel. Curiosity. Create. Imagine. Rebel. Roots. Spice. Explore. Cultivate. CONNECTION. 

- a working manifesto