oom | 'rituals'


what are your rituals?

an immersive supper club inspired by everyday rituals from oiling your skin to spraying perfume.


oom | 'family affair'


What is family?

as we enter a new decade, who knows the family we'll choose to create new memories with?

+ The Rum Experience - a selection of curated Caribbean Rums to awaken the senses and an insight into why this spirit is so significant in the Caribbean.


bettershared x oom


a collaboration with art platform, bettersharedcreating an immersive dining experience, pulling inspiration from the work of French artist Raphaële Anfré.


leman locke x oom


a collaborative supper club with aparthotel, Leman Locke with a menu inspired by the chef's trips to Japan and South Korea.

Ackee & Callaloo Dumplings with Plantain

I'm home x oom


supper club for the I'M HOME exhibition with special guests Belinda Zhawi and William Stowe.

featuring works by Liz Johnson-Artur, Rhea Dillon, Ronan Mckenzie, and Joy Gregory, the I’M HOME explored ideas of home and family and collectively presented both established and emerging artists in an accessible, purpose-designed space.


dee's table x oom


collaboration with Musician & Chef, Denai Moore of dee's table – serving up modern vegan Jamaican food.

we raised money for the 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica' public education campaign by the Jamaican Education Trust, to help reduce plastic and solid waste pollution on the island. 

supported by Purely Plantain Chips and Parley for the Oceans.