Young Foodie

A Young British Foodies finalist!

In June 2019 Aless Bove, Project Manager of the Young British Foodies (YBF's), slid into my DM's letting me know that OOM had been nominated for a Young British Foodie Award. A few weeks later, after a trip to Antigua (the next stop on my tour of the Caribbean Island's), I got an email to say that OOM had now been shortlisted for the award under the Vegetable category. Yay!

I must admit, even in all my gratitude, my imposter syndrome kicked in, which is something I believe many creatives experience; that even your best work is not deserving of recognition. I don't know whether it's the outpouring of self that goes into every project but I try to focus on the purpose behind it to continue the drive and so, "we move".

Fast forward to September 2019, a day after landing back in London from a week in Kenya, I attended the awards ceremony. It was nice to see a room full of foodies from so many different cultures and specialising in aspects of food that a lot of non-foodies wouldn't even know existed to make their experience of food what it is today. From FOH to the Chef's, to the writers and the home-cooks like myself.

I am so deeply humbled for the nomination and the shortlist; that there are people rooting for OOM! If you want to see me present OOM to the wonderful judges, click the play button to watch below!

Thank you to the judges Kylee Newton, Anna Jones, and Jackson Boxer for taking the time to listen to the journey of OOM and the influence of plant-based Caribbean food thus far and for encouraging me with words for the future.

Shout out to all of the other finalists Fermented by LAB, Bubala and the winner Gluts & Gluttony!

Also, a big s/o to Dee's Table for her nomination in the Food Sharing category and to Chuku's for the category win and to Dapaah Chocolates for their win under the Honorary category!

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